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I often teach where I'm working without a projector or 2nd display. I really like having the presenter display with timer and clock with my speaking notes. Is there a way to use the speaker display even if I'm not presenting any display to my audience?

  • Chapulin Colorado Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm using it on my macbook pro, but will buy an ipad if I know I can have speaker notes w/o an external display.

  • Gary Scotland Level 6 Level 6 (11,610 points)

    I have to guess why you want to do this as you did not say, as an electronic note book?


    • set up the presenter layout  with timer, clock, current slide and notes;   (preferences > presenter display)
    • then run in reherse mode (view > rehearse slideshow)
    • in rehease mode,   builds and transition effects do not work
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    THanks Gary. Yes this would basically just be using it as electronic notes. I cAn break my notes into many smaller chunks & much larger fonts to help keep my place as my vision is changing on me, and I really want the timer & clock right there. I find myself forgetting to check the time when I first start speaking, or if I'm introduced earlier or later than expected I need to calculate time elapsed/left while still speaking & maintaining my train of thought. Hence absolutely needing the timer instead of simple making my notes be the slideshow itself.