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I have an iPhone and a PC, which I wanted to synch via iCloud.  I went through the necessary steps, and everything worked fine..... the equipment is synced.  BUT THERE IS A PROBLEM.  The system keeps putting a box on my computer screen that says I cannot do anything (and I cannot remove the box) until I provide a password for an email account (actually two accounts) that I didn't even know existed.   One account has my wife's nickname@me.com; the other has my wife's nickname@icloud.com.  (Apparently, when they sold us the phones, someone opened these accounts for her on MY phone (accidentally, I'm sure) without showing/telling what he had done. 


I MUST GET THESE ACCOUNTS DELETED, but nowhere can I find instructions that will show me how to do it.  There's a friendly message telling me that these accounts were automatically reserved for me when I put myself on iCloud..... and the message says that I don't have to use either...... but it doesn't telll me how to delete them so I can start using my computer again.