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I had a few questions about using the wiki server in Mountain Lion server:


Is there a way to move wikis or wiki pages to other wikis easily, like you would in the Finder or is the only solution to manage them is to do lots of copy/pasting?


If a user whom has created and/or contributed to wikis and wiki pages is deleted from the server user accounts, what happens to those wikis and/or pages? Hopefully they're not deleted. Are they reassigned.


Is there a way to reassign personal documents to a new user rather then one at a time?  For example, if an employee leaves a job and his/her pages need to be moved to someone new or a new account, how would that be done efficiently?


Is there a way to set global permissions for unauthenticated users and their created pages for their user accounts; perhaps an admin can set these?




* Side note - has anyone noticed that (at least for me) the default permission for a new page in my douments is set to not shared, but that actually doesn't work.  When I log out I can still see the document as an unauthenticated user.  I have to force set the permission.

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