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When thte internet is connceted to my iMac and I ipen iPhoto the soinning wheel goes for about a minute before the app opens to work on..  If I unplug from the internet it behaves as it should.  My question is, is there a physical swotch that I can insstll to shut the inerenet off ?  I've tried software but it doesn't unplug the ethernet wire right? and that is what needs to happen I guess.  This all started happening when I had to change internet providers because of thier problem getting a gontract with their Wimax partner.  I am on CenturyLink now and when I called them they had no clue what was going on/




iMac duo 320 gb HD 4 gb memory on ML enen though the computer sends

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)