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I currently have 2 ipads, an iphone and a MacBook, all using the same Apply ID and sharing the same icloud space.  The old ipad is used now primarily by my daughter, but it has tons of my photos that I do not want to lose.  But, I want to free up cloud space for the new ipad, iphone and MacBook.  If I change my apple ID for the old ipad, do I get a new icloud account to backup it up on?  And if I change the apple ID, will it still keep all my photos, music and apps that are currently on it, even apps that I purchased with the present apple ID?  Thanks for any help.

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    You're assigned one Apple ID and it is locked in unless you choose to close it. It appears you want "more space" to carry the additional data your collecting and maybe that would bring on a higher fee from iCloud. Other households have created an additional Apple ID for separating data and for additional family members all managed, if required, by one responsible person in your family to do the job of Admin.

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    You can create a new iCloud account on your old iPad and migrate the data to the new account.  To do this,

    if there are any photos in the my photo stream album on it that are not in the camera roll or backed up somewhere else save these to your camera roll or you will lose them.  To do this, open the photo stream album in the thumbnail view, tap Edit, tap all the photos you want to save, tap Share, then tap Save to Camera Roll.


    Once this is done, go to Settings>iCloud, scroll to the bottom and tap Delete Account.  (This will only delete the account from this iPad, not from iCloud.  The devices that will be keeping the account will not be effected by this.)  When prompted about what to do with the iCloud data, be sure to select Keep On My iPad.  Next, set up a new iCloud account using a different Apple ID (if you don't have one, tap Get a Free Apple ID at the bottom).  Then turn iCloud data syncing for contacts, etc. back to On, and when prompted about merging with iCloud, choose Merge.  This will upload the data to the new account.


    Finally, if there is any data in either account that you do not want you will then have to go to icloud.com on your computer, sign into each iCloud account separately, then manually delete it.


    You do not need to change the Apple ID in Settings>iTunes & App Stores.  You can continue to share the same iTunes account, along with apps and other purchased media.

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    Thank you for your question. Strike my reply and replace it with this link I just found. I hope this works. I'm new to doing this...



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    Thank you so much!! I will try this very shortly. Thanks for taking the time to give me all the steps, I really appreciate it.

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    Thanks for this link.  It does help me a lot. 

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    You're welcome.