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Trying to import my contacts from outlook 2010 to my iphone 5. Please some one come to my aid. 1250 contacts will take a while to do individually!

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    Use iCloud.

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    Step 1: In Outlook, create vcf (Variant Call Format) files, which are text files also known as digital business cards, and send them to your own e-mail address. To do so, select all of the desired Outlook contacts, right-click on them, and select “Forward Contact” in Share group, then select “As a Business Card.” 

    Step 2: Outlook will then create individual vcf cards for each of your contacts as attachments to an email.  Send it as Plain Text (select on the Format Text tab), otherwise the iPhone Notes section of the contacts will contain unwanted formatting.  Send the email and files to your own e-mail address.

    Step 3: Create a folder to hold the individual vcf files, say c:\vcfcards.

    Step 4: Open the e-mail you sent to yourself in Outlook and save all of the attached vcf files in the c:\vcfcards folder (File, Save Attachments, OK, select the vcfcards folder, do not enter a file name). 

    Step 5: Now open the Command Prompt window (in Windows 10, right click start then select Command Prompt).

    Step 6: At the Command Prompt, type cd  c:\vcfcards.  Press Enter to proceed. Your command prompt is now moved to the vcfcards folder.

    Step 7: Now merge the multiple vcf files in the vcfcards file into one vcf file. 
    At the Command Prompt type: copy  /a  *.vcf  c:\all.vcf and then press Enter.

    Step 8: Create another e-mail and attach the newly created all.vcf file.
    Send the e-mail to your own address (If Outlook is set to download files from the server immediately, close Outlook after the email is sent, thus assuring the email will arrive at the cell phone).

    Step 9: Get your iPhone and read the e-mail from there.
    Open the vcf file you created and attached to the email, and tap Add All Contacts.

    If there are multiple contact groups in Outlook, the process can be repeated for each group.  The above file names could be changed to reflect the group names.  However, there will only be one merged group on the iPhone.

    Prepared with credit to online sources.

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    As the OP asked this question 2 years ago I doubt the he is still waiting for an answer