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I have 50,000+ songs, so the cloud is not an option. ( Create a second, smaller library?  Why not just ask me to choose between my children?)

My daughter, who uses an iPad and iPhone registered to me, is away at college.  I want to share music, which I believe she is legally allowed to use, since her iPod is actually mine.  Do I simply email her songs? Better to use Dropbox or something similar? Wait for Apple to accommodate my large library (not holding my breath here)?  Is there some other clever way to do this?

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    That's probably about 250 Gbytes, still pretty expensive for cloud space.  You could set up a VPN so she could use home sharing, but that would require your computer to always be on with iTunes running.


    The easiest thing would just be to just put your music on a hard disk and send it off with her.  You can get 1 Tb drive for under $100 and it can double as a backup disk.