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I hope the Apple well do the upgrade of the Iphone 5 for  GPS features so that it can be use even you don't have an internet connections.

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    So did your Nokia come with the maps loaded on your iPhone?


    There are several apps including Garmin, TomTom, Navigon, etc. that will let you download maps (they will take over a GB of space) to your iPhone and let you use GPS with an internet connection.


    Where are you going that you have no cell data connection?

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    Thanks, deggie I mean no cell data connection on my iphone 5 cause. I have an unlocked iphone 5 with so I went with prepaid services without cellular data services thats why I can't use my GPS. Not like my Nokia still I can use the GPS even I don't have cellular data services. Cause there GPS is usuable even without internet. That's why I'm hoping that the Apple will do the same with Nokia GPS that you can use it ev en without internet.

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    And like I already said, for your Nokia to do what you said it must have had the maps on the device itself and the apps I listed will do this. Smartphones are not designed to be used without a data connection.


    The GPS does work on the iPhone without a data connection, you just can't access the maps, just like Google maps won't work either without an internet connection.


    Which model Nokia did you have?

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    I have a Nokia N8