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I have a Macbook Air running 10.6.5.


Keynote is 5.0.3. The Keynote on my desktop running Lion has been updated to 5.1.


Moving presentations from where they are created -- desktop -- to where they will be presented -- laptop -- is causing some issues, so I have tried to find the Keynote update of 5.1 and can only find 5.1.1 which is for Lion.


I don't want to update the laptop to Lion just to use Keynote. Is Keynote 5.1 stashed somewhere I can access it?





Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7), Macbook Air, iTouch 4th, iPad Mini
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    to update use:


    Apple menu > software update  or  log into App store and check for updates

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    I have notice some odd behavior with updates.  In the App store, Keynote is 5.3.  But my mac has

    5.0.5, and when I go to Apple menu > software update, it says I am up to date.

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    Yes it appears the three ways to update; (App Store, Apple Software Update, Apple Web site) all have different versions. My guess is Apple will use the app store as the only way to update.


    Currently if an application is purchased from the app store you have to update from the app store.

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    Yes, in theory there are 3 ways to update. In practice, none are working for me.


    1. Mac App Store - but this method is available only if you originally purchased Keynote, from the Mac App Store.


    2. Software Update from the Apple () menu -- this method should work if you originally purchased iWork in a box (as I did). But apparently this method is NOT detecting updates for me.


    3. Standalone installer - Download the update installer from the Apple Support Downloads page. But the newest update listed there is 5.1.1. and Keynote is 5.3 is listed in the app store.


    Is Apple neglecting any options other that the App store?

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    Same here, and I can't tell why. Although, it maybe the newest is for Lion which I'm not running and it won't show the previous versions.

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    My OS version on the laptop does NOT have the App Store. Apple Software Update does NOT see an update for Keynote available -- probably because the newest version needs Lion. Apple Support Downloads only shows the newest version 5.1.1 -- again Lion.


    I don't want to update the entire laptop system and then other related software to show one presentation without a glitch.


    I seem to remember the older versions of programs used to be up on this site ... something must have changed.


    So, right now I'm stuck once again in the Apple upgrade loop.

  • Gary Scotland Level 6 Level 6 (11,640 points)

    Not everyone who has Keynote version 5 needs the most recent update

    Any Apple software update has to be compatible with the OS the last version of the application


    Updtates from the App Store are only for versions downloaded from the App Store

    Updated available from the Apple web site are for versions prior to version 5.1.1

    Updates available from Apple Software Update are for versions purchased on a physical disc