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My screen lights up after powering on but there is no desktop. I can also start the machine in target mode and it appears as a drive on my MacBookPro. I can see all the files remotely while it is in target mode.

PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Are both your posts about the same problem?

    If so, your screen has died. Replacing the screen is possible, but it might be cheaper to purchase another PowerBook G4 and transfer the info across.

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    Yes both posts are about the same problem. I read somewhere that it may be a little battery on the mother board but i think that only applied to user settings.( I haven't been able to find that post) Could the installation of a new hard drive have caused the screen to fail? Thanks for your help. I will look into the cost of getting a replacement screen.

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    No, the new HDD wouldn't have caused the HDD to fail. Also, the graphics chip may have failed (and replacing the screen wouldn't help with that). Sorry for that omission to my post. It is really between replacement screen vs. new PowerBook and using Target Disk Mode and Migration Assistant to transfer the data over.

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    Try attaching an external monitor. That's a good way to diagnose a failed display v. a failed graphics chipset. If you get an image on an external monitor, that says the chipset is working but either the internal display or its cabling have failed. If nothing show up on the external, that suggests you need a new logic board--not an economically viable repair for most users.


    The internal backup battery is hard to get to, and the bigger problem is no new ones have been made in years. The only new battery assemblies work only in the 17-inch, 1.67gHz PBG4:


    Newer Technology Replacement PRAM/clock battery for PowerBook G4 17" Aluminum 1.67GHz systems


    Some PowerBooks with serial numbers starting with W8 have huge display issues. Might check the serial number (but don't post it here for security reasons).


    Could the installation of a new hard drive have caused the screen to fail?


    Yes, if some components were not properly reassembled after the HD installation. However, if the display worked at least once after the new HD was installed, the chances of the HD swap causing the problem fall to the "not so likely"category.

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    As luck would have it my machine's serial # does begin with W8! I had already connected it to an external monitor and confirmed that the logic board was working. The external monitor does display the desktop. I opened up the case and did not see any loose cabling or connections. Since I have no way of knowing if the cabling has failed I feel obliged to conclude that the display has failed.The display does turn on but it just not display the desktop. It even flashes as the machine boots up but it just remains grey.


    I guess it was time for some components to fail. First the HDD and then the display. It stands to reason that even the logic board could fail thus making the option of replacing the display less palatable.