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I have a Hosa USB Midi USM-422 Version 2.0 interface or adapter and am using it to connect my Yamaha PSR-500 keyboard to Garage Band.

Every session or project I create to record music I'm writing I find that I will only get a few notes or bars into what I'm playing and one note I play is held even when I lift my finger off the key on the Yamaha.

This adapter didn't work too well with software I was using on a (excuse me for swearing, an old HP notebook running Windows XP Pro).


Now I have a real computer (MacBook Pro 15 with 2.4GHz Intel core i7 cpu, I know I'm so much better off.


Do you think I need to dig out some firmware to rid me of this undersirable "phantom held note" problem, or grind up this Hoser interface (adapter) and replace it with something reliable?


If I do replace it, what would you recommend please.


Frustrated Composer Wannabe,


a.k.a. nibornm@gmail.com


Thanks for any help you can offer.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5), GarageBand 6.0.5 (428.5)