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I'm sorry if this isn't enough information, but I have had my Apple TV almost a year now and have never had any problems. Today I transferred internet plans which involved a new modem and account, so my ATV won't find the time and date. That would be fine, as it has instructions underneath to 'press menu and access your settings to check your network connection'; except that when I press menu, nothing happens. The light on my ATV remains a solid white dot, and holding down 'MENU + <--' doesn't do anything either (unless it requires me to wait longer than 30 seconds...)


I can't connect my mobile ATV remote app either as it declares that home sharing isn't turned on (on my ATV) - a setting that I'm sure I'd be able to change if I could access my ATV in the first place!


I expected network issues, but I didn't expect my remote to flip **** on me just because I changed networks...

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