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How do i transfer my playlists from my itouch to a new new laptop. Old laptop died.

iPod touch, Windows 7
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    Plug your iPod Touch into your new laptop. Make sure you have iTunes installed. When you plug your iPod Touch into the USB port, two things will come up. One is a message from your computer wanted to open with Windows Explorer, don't worry about that, just press the red X. After closing that out you will see iTunes will open. It should say that it is syncing up at the top of the iTunes window. If it is not, you may have to double click on your device in the iTunes panel, and there will come a bar up right at the bottom, and you will see a "Sync" button. If this is a new computer, there shouldnt be any files in your iTunes library, so that will NOT cause a problem. After pressing the sync button, it will begin syncing your apps, music, ringtones, etc. to your iTunes library.


    If syncing does not help your problem, you can go to the iTunes store on your computer, *KEEP IN MIND (Make sure you are synced with iCloud if you are going to do this step). When you go to the iTunes store find the button that says purchased, and you want to click that. After you click it, you will see a list of your music, you can click on DOWNLOAD ALL. It will ask for your Apple ID, and after doing that it wll begin to download all your music and ringtones to your library...


    Hope this works for you!