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Now that I see how Core Data works, it makes more sense to set a measurement standard where each measured point is set-up as a stand-alone entity, having attributes: catalog/id# for the list(set by the measurer), contact name, contact URL, latitude with +/- accuracy radius, longitude with radius, altitude with radius, time with radius and measure with radius. The contact could then offer additional information at the original list url, via the catalog/id# for that point (list group of points).


Points could then be easily quarried across the internet for any of the selected attribute ranges or identities. Hopefully a system similar to YouTube will be established to share data along these lines, which I will have to do myself when I have time if Apple won't do it. Google is already doing it with 'Fusion Tables' which they got from me, anyway, so Apple might as well. I won't have time to get to this project for years, and it really should be done sooner rather than later.