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I am only in the USA for 2 months of the year. I plan to use the unlocked iPhone 5 I just purchased from Apple in other countries and it will be easy to do so with several prepaid options, no contracts.


In the USA, it's not easy.


I keep reading on-line that you can use T-Mobile prepaid, no contract, with the Unlocked iPhone 5, but three different T-Mobile reps have confirmed to me that you can, but only with their 2 year contract.


I've also read that you can use Straight Talk, but they have assured me that they do not support the nano sim card in the iPhone 5. I've read you can cut the other SIM card down to fit, but I'd rather not do that (unless it's very easy and it really works- true or not?).


Is AT&T the only option for an unlocked iPhone 5 if you do NOT want to be locked into a longer-term plan? They quoted me $85 per month for 1 GB of data/free wifi, $36 activation fee, and once you stop renewing month-to-month you have to start over with the activation fee. I've also read that there are problems with this plan, but I don't recall what they are.


Is this the only option? If so, I may return my iPhone 5. Not worth it.

iPhone 5
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