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I am about to upload my classical CD-collection to iTunes 11.01 on an iMac with Snow leopard. This works reasonably well. My problem is that CDs (albums) are arranged according to interpret (performing artist) with first name of first mentioned artist (conductor Claudio Abbado under C). I would like to be able to arrange albums according to Composer and even better to be able to swich to artist (in case this goes according to last name). Is there any possibility? When I open info for an album it has the menu "Sort?" (Sortierung in German). Options that might apply are "Interpret for sorting", Album Interpret for sorting, Composer sorting.

If this is the right menu, it appears to me  that I will have to tick one field for each album as criterion for sorting and I will have to open all albums to change it.


You see that I am more into classical music than into iTunes.

Any help is highly appreciated.

iMac (USB 2.0), Mac OS X (10.6.8)