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How can we resize a photo, in iPhoto, before emailing it?


My photos are about 8mb per file and takes too long to attach to an email!


Any tips? Thanks

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iOS 5.1.1
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    Not sure if the iPhoto app does this but when you email a photo from the Photos app you are presented with several size choices. If iPhoto doesn't do this, use iPhoto for iOS to share your photo to the Camera Roll and email it using the Photos app.

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    Where do you see that option in the Photos APP? I cannot find it!


    When in comes to iPhoto APP, and photographers including to their workflow, this seems a must have tool!

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    You do not see the option to size the photo until you select photos to share, then select email. The option will appear then. There are usually several sizes offered. Sometimes you have to scroll down to find Actual Size. Each option will tell you the file size of the photo.

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    Ok I found it.


    In the heading of the email, in front of cc/bcc addresses, we can see an icon saying IMAGES. if you click on it, you will be given 4 diferent sizes to choose.


    Cheers ralph

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    Glad that's working for you.