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My friend sent me file:*** to test if it crashes iMessage. Turns out it does. Though what we didn't anticipate is that it crashes it so severely that you can't open iMessage at all.


I've tried deleting the message off my iPhone, but that hasn't worked. I've tried moving/deleting the chat.db file in lib/messages. Doesn't work. Tried going through the archive folder to delete the conversation history. However, it's not been archived yet because iMessage doesn't open long enough to archive it.


Is there any fix yet? Apple are making too many mistakes with their software at the moment. This has to change.


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    that's.....tragic... I got the same problem with 'file:***', still cannot understand and have no solutions...

    wish luck!


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    A temporary solution is to go in System Preferences-> Language and Text and deselect both "spell checking" and "substitute text and symbols"



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    I regret to inform you that didn't work Renzo!

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    Go to the Finder an then select Library from the Go menu (hold the option key to reveal this in the menu). Then open the Messages folder in the window that appears, and remove the files that begin with the name "chat." Then try reopening Messages.

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    Already tried moving/removing all the chat.db files my friend. Didn't work. But thanks!

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    Actually, I think in the Messages folder, you go to Archives, locate the date of the message you received and delete the specific message.

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    willviles wrote:


    My friend sent me file:*** to test if it crashes iMessage.

    Nice friend!

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    Read this whole message before doing anything.

    Back up all data.

    Quit Messages if it’s running.

    Step 1

    Hold down the option key and select

    Go Library

    from the Finder menu bar. Delete the following items from the Library folder (either may not exist):


    • Caches/com.apple.Messages
    • Caches/com.apple.imfoundation.IMRemoteURLConnectionAgent


    Leave the Library folder open. Log out and log back in. Try Messages again. If it works now, stop here. Close the Library folder.

    Step 2

    If you still have problems, quit Messages again. Go back to the Finder and move the following item from the open Library folder to the Desktop:


    • Messages


    Note: you are not moving the Messages application. You’re moving a folder named “Messages.”

    Test. If Messages now works, delete the Messages folder on the Desktop. Otherwise, quit Messages again. Put back the folder you moved, overwriting the newer one that may have been created in its place, and continue.

    Step 3

    In the Preferences subfolder, there may be several files having names that begin with "com.apple.iChat". There should also be one with the name "com.apple.imagent.plist". Move them all to the Desktop.

    Also in the Preferences folder, there's a subfolder named "ByHost". Open it and do the same thing.

    Log out and log back in. Test again. This time Messages should perform normally, but your settings will be lost. You may be able to put back some of the "com.apple.iChat" files you moved to the Desktop in this step. Relaunch and test after each one. Eventually you should find one or more that causes Messages to malfunction. Delete those files and recreate whatever settings they contained. Don't put back the "com.apple.imagent.plist" file.

    If the issue is still not resolved, quit Messages again and put all the items you moved to the Desktop back where they were. You don’t need to replace the files you deleted in step 1. Stop here and post again.

    If you later decide that you don’t like the results of steps 2 and 3, you can undo them completely by quitting Messages and restoring the items you deleted in those steps from your backup.

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    Thank you very much! Step 1 & 2 didn't work, but Step 3 did. It allowed me to get back in and delete the conversation which contained the file:*** naughty text! Also, I didn't have any specific settings, and all my conversation history is intact, so fantastic outcome!


    Thank you for your time

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    will --


    Are you talking about a URL with three slashes in it?  If so, this is known problem with no fixes.

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    Easy fix. Enter this exactly into your Terminal:


    sqlite3 ~/Library/Messages/chat.db "delete from message where text like \"%File:%\"

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    I don't use Terminal much but would that not delete all references to "File" in the chat.db ?



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