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So I was writing a long email in iPhone 5 in which I attached an image to the body of the message and then I saved it to continue later on. When I resumed and finished it, naturally I would not save it again since I would just press "Send." Now when I pressed "Send" it only sent the part that was saved previously; NOT the finished email.


Anyone ran across this problem? This was actually a great nuisance since I have no idea what I wrote and it was also a nuisance to my recipients since it led to a great confusion as to what I was writing.


I think it' s just a glitch in regards to how the iPhone email sends its messages. Something about the Draft message and a current written email becomes superceded by the Draft instead of the more recent [and finished] email.


I really hope for an update soon since I am not about to write a message with an image in it, and have it get sent as a partial instead.


Thanks for your help!

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1