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I am not really sure why "netflix" lead me to you at Apple unless my Iphone being plugged into my compt. had something to do with it?

But here is the problem:

I turned on one of 'netflix' movies, it took awhile and the following messege popped up:

*Not supported by Visual Machine.

New Graphics Drivers May Be Required.

Graphic Card Manufacturer: check with them.................which i did go to their web site and they were NO Help at all!  ( i have a view sonic monitor, VG930m) they couldn't even find it...


The second paragraph read like this:

For Windows 8

Basic Display Adapter

Apple Boot Camp

Graphics Driver

The error code was at the bottom and read as follows:


I am stumped,, I've worked on this for almost a week, and I'm getting no where... If anyone is able to help me out on this I would be ever so grateful as my mother who is 84 yrs old had a third massive stroke.  I was trying to get this set up for her so she would be able to watch movies with me in the bedroom. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this.... deb...

iPhone 4, Other OS, I'm not sure what u r wanting here?