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I've got push gmail set up using an Exchange account on my iPhone. This is how I've always had it set up, and it's always worked, but I noticed yesterday I wasn't receiving emails and I had to open the app to fetch. I've tried turning off and on push slider, email slider, restarting phone...deleting and re-adding accounts etc. All no good.


I did a little more investigation, and strangely it appears that my email doesn't get pushed, only when the mail app is open in the background. i.e. if I close the mail app from background tasks, my emails start coming in. Once I open the app again by pressing a notification, any new emails will not get pushed again, until I close the mail app from background tasks again. Obviously this isn't ideal, as I have to remember to close the mail app from background tasks every time I check my mail.


Please help, it's driving me mad! I've always used Exchange gmail settings without any issues in the past.