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I recently updated my ATV to 5.1 version. Now I can't get Dolby Digital 5.1 from it through my receiver Sony STR-DH820. Is anyone having this issue and know how to solve it?

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  • rdog2 Level 1 Level 1

    I bought an ATV last weekend and hooked it up via HDMI to my Pioneer SC-55 AVR.  The AVR then outputs the hi-res video to the monitor and the audio to the surround speakers.  No 5.1 coming from anything I play.  Some posts say to connect the optical cable but 1) The beauty of HDMI is having the audio and video going over 1 cable and 2) The SC-55 doesn't configure an optical audio input  with an HDMI input - probably because it shouldn't be necessary. This is very dissapointing.

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    I have both an ATV2 and ATV3 with latest update running 5.1 through HDMI perfectly.  Make sure you have "Dolby Digital" turned to "ON" in the ATV settings.  Make sure your TV is set to pass DD5.1 to the receiver too.


    My set up:


    ATV ----HDMI for HD video + 5.1 surround----> HDTV ----optical----> surround receiver.

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    Well, mine is fixed.  I thought 5.1 wasn't working since my subwoofer wasn't coming on - there's a light that turns from red to green when it is active.  And the content I was watching had DD but not much of a surround track.  So it acted like no 5.1 - Turns out the sub cable was loose where it plugged into the AVR. So, using only the HDMI cable going to the AVR I now have HD video and 5.1 DD. I also selected a more robust surround movie for a test, and it sounded fine. So my suggestion is to check all your connections and choose content with known good 5.1 and surround tracks.

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    I thank you your help but this wasn't happening in my case.

  • IsaiasDVictoria Level 1 Level 1

    I've tried your suggestion but unfortunetely, in my case, no result. Thank you anyway.

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    I pulled up the manual for your AVR and it looks like there may be a number of settings that could affect this - same with mine. First, when you are playing a source on your ATV that includes 5.1DD (I am referring to your manual) Do the indicators on the front panel show (item 20 on page 11 of the manual) that the surround sound speakers are active?  Or just the front/center speakers?  The manual says if just the front and center speakes are active and you are playing a DD source to check the following:



    * When playing a Dolby Digital or DTS format disc, make sure that you have completed the digital connections and that INPUT MODE is not set to “ANALOG” (page 62) or “A. DIRECT” is not selected.


    Good luck, I hope that helps.


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    It is so annoying to know that nowadays all the content is digital...I am using less and less DVD, BD etc...all digital.

    I just simply want to play content through ATV WITH Dolby Digital...no luck.

    I have the following set up.


    ATV via HDMI to my Sony Bravia (2012 model). My BOSE 321 connect to my TV via a toslink cable.

    I have connected to my tv a cable setbox via HDMI, so the audio output is able to go through my TV to my BOSE. HD Channels on my cable setbox (sound through the BOSE) is on Dolby Digital 5.1. But when switching the ATV on -> Only ATV is on PCM 2.0!