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I just bought an Apple USB Superdrive. I works fine with a macbook air but if I plug it in to a 15" Macbook Pro either a Core 2 Duo or an Early 2008 model it won't work. The optical disc is not admitted when I try to insert it.


I'm using OS X 10.5


Any suggestions please ?

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    Believe it or not, the SuperDrive is made to work with the new driveless Macs only.

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    Ridiculous! I suppose it's all part of the business stategy to force you to upgrade even though the kit you have is still doing everything you want of it.


    But I wonder is there a way of doing something in 'Terminal' mode to get other macs to accept the superdrive?

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    If you spend a little time Googling you'll find a 'solution'. The reason isn't as autocratic as you might think - it has to do with the amount of power required to operate the bus powered device. The newer Macs can handle it, the older cannot.