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    Stay tuned for the inevitable:

    Why didn't Apple tell us?

    I want a refund.

    Apple is sooooo mean!

    If I had known, I wouldn't have bought the 64gB model.


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    stedman1 wrote:


    If I had known, I wouldn't have bought the 64gB model.


    ..... Back in March of 2012 .....

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    Yup... let the whinning begin.

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    oh..and it's about time they offer a 128gb. A bit pricey I might add.. It's a hundred bucks for every capacity upgrade which is a bit strange:


    16>32 - $100 only adding 16gb

    32>64 - $100 adding 32gb

    64>128 - $100 adding 64gb


    You'd think the pricing would be incremental to amount of added storage. Price per gb goes way down when you go to the higher capacity machines. I guess that's the way the industry works.  

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    Well, I can't believe this. I'm just a few days outside the 30 day return policy of the Big Box store, and I would have upgraded to the 128GB version. Apple is so mean. Why didn't Apple tell us. I want a refund. They should give me a free Apple card. Apple is horrible. I'm selling mine and getting an Android.




    <sips coffee>


    OK, I feel better.



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    What does the March 2012 date mean?

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    I just happened to be watching the news this morning and they mentioned it.  Got right into the apple store and purchased it and was able to pick it up in the store as soon as it opened.   Right after I purchased the new iPad, I listed my iPad 3rd gen on eBay and the thing sold within ten minutes.  Woo hoo.  I'd been waiting for the storage upgrade for a while.  Glad they finally put it out.  

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    Isn't that when the 3rd generation was released?

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    It is, which is why I wondered how it related to this.

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    OK, bad joke I guess. My response was to what stedman posted.


    There were whiners and complainers that had purchased their iPad 3rd generation model in March 2012 and were crying about Apple releasing the iPad 4 and were demanding some sort of consideration from Apple because their devices were only 6 months olds. I just took a bit more to the extreme.


    "If I had known, I would not have bought the 64GB model back in March of 2012". Get it now?


    SJF ... I thought for sure you would see the joke in my response. I guess it really was a bad joke.

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    No, I just thought the iPad 4 date would have been funnier.

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    Demo - I did get it. I was going to reply to deggie but sadly his post wasn't showing up. There's a thread going on about this bug.