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Here is what I'm finding.  Every morning I listen to a bunch of podcasts before I leave for work.  Before I leave, I sync up my podcasts in itunes (connecting it via USB) so that I can then wirelessly sync with a different ipad connected in my car.  Done this for a long time.


Since updating the latest iOS for the iphone and other updates on itunes, I've noticed that I will play podcasts, come downstairs, and before I even connect anything these podcasts already show which ones have been played including already being at the mid-way point if I was in the middle of one. 


I don't have wi-fi sync enabled.  Even if  I did, literally 30 seconds elapsed between my being upstairs and down to the imac.  I have been researching and must be missing where this is some new feature.  I don't see how it's possible but I've done some tests and find this to be consistent.


Any info?



I-mac 24" 2.8ghs intel core 2 duo, 4gb sdram, 1tb hard drive, Ipad 3G 64GB, Mac OS X (10.6.5), 80 gb ipod,160gb classic,32gb ipod touch, Apple TV, 1tb TC