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I'd like to give free versions of a iBooks Author book to the press.


I know that I can create a sample; that's not my question. (Journalists a peculiar ...)

I know that I can send them USB sticks with the .ibooks file. But that is sort of complicated AND expensiv.


To promote the book, I need "special treatments" for selected people.


Any suggestions?

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iOS 6.0.1, 10.7.5 on a mac pro
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    It's near trivial, I think.


    If they have email, you put a copy of the .books on your server and then email them that link. They hit the link on their iPad and the process proceeds easily from there.

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    You can also create a web page which would have information about the book and a link to download it. That way, the web page could be found while searching, you can tweet about it, put a link on Facebook, etc.

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    Should say "...a copy of the .ibooks file(s)..."

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    Thank you - I was thinking about that, too. And your right, I should expect, that "interested press people" should know how to deal with iTunes to get a download into their iPad. But they don't, at least not in Germany, and that is my hometurf (3 of 4 personal contactsfailed in a test).


    So, I was thinking: going THROUGH the iBooksstore should solve this, due to automated prodedures. That's where my questioning comes in ...


    But thank you - your answer indicates, that there is no way within the iBookStore, I suppose.



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    If you're dealing with pure app store illiterates, there is no point in doing anything other than having them watch while you download your book on their device.


    It's not so hard tho, considering the millions of users that interact with the store worldwide. I think you should give your users and the process a bit more credit - if they can't even download from the store, they have bigger problems that are beyond your ability to solve. Tell them to go to the nearest Apple Store and ask how to use their new toys there - the staff will love to assist, I'm sure.

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    I totally agree. But



    I want them to do something for me (spreading the word concerning my book). Thats what I have to deal with.



    You need to download - you need to have iBookstore installed - you need to add it to your Library- you need to synch your iPad. It is that simple. But they fail in step three. You know: I wrote "little pieces" to guide them through the process ... It's a nightmare with german literature critics. I tell you.