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The connector in the iphone 5 headphones is not working properly. It works only when the wire near the connector end is held in a certain angle, when it is disturbed the volume goes very low (i think the wire inside is not proper and has some problems). I got the phone as soon as it launched in AT&T, where should i get it repaired or replaced, should i go to an Apple store or contact AT&T??. But i have a phillips headphones without a mic that works properly without any problems with the phone.



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    everything in the box is covered by the same warrenty

    you could also test the headset in a computer or another device with a minijack connector

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    I checked my headphones with my ipad and my macbook aswell, the problem exists in the headphones with all these devices as well. So how do i claim warranty, should i approach AT&T store or Apple Store