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Actually I have 2 questions. First, I took my iMac to an Apple certified repair place and had the display replaced under AC. When I got it back there is a cip in the upper right hand corner of the screen that was not there before. I'm assuming that upper right hand corner(front and black area) is part of the display and they probably chipped it while replacing and did not bother to tell me??? Does this sound reasonable?

Second, I have someone interested in buying this iMac but he says he wants to run his old PPC programs on it. Is that even possible???

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion
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    Your guess on the first question sounds reasonable to me.  If the chip wasn't there before, it may well have happened during the repair.  You need to bring this up with the service provider. Should this result in problems, I'd then suggest calling AppleCare and get them involved.


    The second question answer would be no, not in the Mountain Lion OS your profile shows is on this Mac.  Snow Leopard was the last operating system iteration to support Rosetta, the "translator" that allows PPC apps to run.


    If you're getting ready to sell this Mac, you will want to boot from the Install DVD that it shipped with (Snow Leopard?) and erase it, then load the OS on the DVD onto it.  If you ship it with the Mountain Lion that's on it now, remember that Mountain Lion is tied to your AppleID...not very handy for the new owner.


    Also...if you're going to sell it, don't forget to deauthorize this Mac in iTunes before you erase it.


    I hope this helps!

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    I called the service provider who admitted that it was not there when I brought it in and it was there at some point during the repair. They are getting back to me about it.


    I have already erased my HD and reinstalled the current OS. So this buyer was planning to take the iMac and have 10.6 installed on it. You are saying this will work ok for him? I do have the original install DVD so he could just boot up from that himself and install or will it refuse because 10.8.2 is installed?


    Anyway, I did already deauthorize on itunes, but thanks for the reminder.

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    I would strongly encourage you to use the original install DVD and erase the hard drive on the Mac you're selling, and reinstall 10.6 Snow Leopard.  It's really pretty simple....just put the install DVD in, and hold down the C key while rebooting to boot from the DVD. Run Disk Utility to erase the drive, then do the Snow Leopard install. Quit once you get to the Setup Assistant screen to allow the new owner to set it up the way he/she prefers.And..since Snow Leopard supports Rosetta, the new owner will be able to run PPC applications.


    This is really the way you want to do it because the Mountain Lion that's on it now is tied to your AppleID, as I mentioned before.

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    How is it tied to my Apple ID if I erased the HD, reinstalled ML and stopped at the setup screen?

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    Because the ML contained on the Recovery partition is tied to your AppleID.

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    And what about the Recovery Partition? When I erase the drive will that be erased or do I have to repartition to get rid of that?

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    That will be removed when you erase the drive....no need to repartition the drive.