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i have a macbook (mid 2011) air running on os 10.7.2 and it has itunes 11.0.1 (64 bit) installed. i updated it a month ago. i always download apps on my ipod touch (5.1.1) directly. this time i downloaded 2 apps(temole run 2, djay le[for ipod] on my mac itunes. when i try to sync them on my itouch, the sync starts and it does a backup and everything. the last thing that show up is "determining apps to sync. itunes shows that it is on my itouch( in the apps page ). but it isn't there in my itouch. what shoul i do? i cant go to an apple store because i live in Bangladesh and there is no apple store here. i buy my products from foreign countries.


forgot to tell that it is my first time trying to sync an app in an apple device. music, ideo,photos,docs etc syncs nicely. i have never experienced any problem like this before.


please help me.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Having bought them, you can directly download them to your device without paying again. It has been a very long time since I added an App using iTunes but I seem to recall that you have to select it in iTunes and indicate that you want it added to the iOS device. Could be wrong though.

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    Go into iTunes, select your iPod, click on the apps tab.  Make sure that if you want the app on your iPod Touch the app says "Remove" next to it if it says "Install" then the apps are not going to transfer.


    If that still doesn't work then quit iTunes, click on the Finder, go to the top menu bar and select the Go menu while holding down the option key.  Select library, next open perferences.  Then delete com.apple.iTunes.plist and com.apple.iTunes.plist.lockfile.  Open iTunes up and try the sync again.

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    i did it. thhen when i open my itunes i had t agree the terms. but i still can't sync apps. but thank you for the solution

    please help me again.