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I need to connect my new LG Spectrum smart phone to my desktop MacPro running OS X (10.5.8).


I'm scanning and rescanning – with my phone sending its signal, of course – and keep getting the message "Airport Utility was unable to find any Airport wireless devices..." Can someone guide me through the process (step-by step, please) of creating the interface and getting connected so I can temporarily use this device for my internet connection?


I go to System Preferences>Network>+ but then can't find a window that allows me to input my device's address and password, etc.


This is my first experience with Airport and really could use your guidance.  Thanks so much!  Joel

Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    You are trying to connect wirelessly, I don't believe you can. Look in  your phones owner's manual or call Verizon support for wired connections.


    However if you still want to try give AppleCare a call, if I'm wrong they can help you out.

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    Thanks very much for your reply.


    The manual doesn't cover the phone used as an "internet provider." And, I didn't get a wire with my phone anyway. I'm following the instructions from a Verizon tech. – "No wire, just turn on (check) the mobile hotspot button and place the phone NEAR your computer... then enter the address and password into your computer, etc."    

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    Sounds like your next try is AppleCare but as I said it's probably simply not compatible.

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    I can't spend $49 for Apple support just to have them tell me that it's not compatible. Tomorrow, I'll go the Verizon store and see if I can purchase the proper cable.  Thanks again for your assistance.