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I am trying to learn about what kind of camcorder I need to buy so that I can edit with iMovie HD.  My sony camera forces an upload to iMovie 11 (which I hate with a white hot passion).  The AVCHD files must convert to .mov for iMovie 11, and I lose quality.  Then, if I actually want to edit the movie, I have to import the iMovie 11 .mov file into iMovie HD, which of course, converts them again.  All this conversion just makes the quality look like I used a $2 camera.


I've gone everywhere looking for feedback from people who make GOOD CLEAR videos and use iMovie HD to edit.  Certainly they exsist.  This is feeling the the quest for the Holy Grail... not the valient Arthur tale, but more like the Monty Python version where the killer rabbit scares away our so called hero.


Does ANYONE have any info about an iMovie HD compatible camcorder?

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