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I have a MacBook Air with latest upgrade. I use IPhoto '11 (with latest upgrade) a lot and it's been working fine.  All of a sudden it has slowed down to a crawl.  It accesses my library on my external hard drive (lots of room) without a problem.  Did I accidently delete something?  If I delete and reinstall iPhoto, I don't think I lose the library, but do I lose events?  Coincidentally my Scan Snap stopped scanning at the same time.  All my other apps seem to be working fine.

iPhoto '11, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)
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    How are you connecting to the external?


    What format is the external?


    Launnch Activity Monitor  (in your Applications Folder/ Utilties) and use iPhoto. What's using up the processor as you do?

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    How much free space do you have on the EHD and on your boot drive?



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    Turned out all hardware was fine.  There was corruption in the software itself.  Once I rebuilt the library, everything started working just fine.  Thanks for your quick response.

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    Turns out this didn't solve my problem.  Now IPhoto opens but gets stuck.  I can't do anything with it and have to "force quit".  I have version 9.4.2.  I have 88 G free on the MacBook and 750 G free on the EHD (Passport).  Everything else is working fine.

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    It'll help if you can describe what "gets stuck" means or looks like.

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    This time, I've got the problem solved.  My library is stored on my EHD and is180 G in size.  iPhoto just got pooped out when it tried to access it. I started by emptying the iPhoto trash which helped a lot.  Then I found a How To on CNET.com on how to set up multiple iPhoto libraries.  It's already working much better.

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    Well I'm glad as "pooped out" and "gets stuck" are serious issues I'm sure.


    However, I'm not at all sure that you needed to make multiple Libraries. iPhoto 11 is good for 1,000,000 items in any one Library. But as I'm not sure what those terms mean it's hard to be sure...