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The apparent default font for e-mail on my iMac is Helvetica 10, which is perfectly fine.  However, the apparent font size is far smaller on my 2009 Intel iMac presently running Mac OSX v.10.7.5.  I can't read it when composing a message--but when I increase the font size to something I can see (e.g., 18), I can then read it but it appears idiotically large to my recipients.


Is there a way to permanently change the apparent font size on my iMac monitor to match my viewing preference when composing--I didn't buy this enormous screen for no reason--without actually changing the font size my recipients actually get?  I (think) I know about "Command" and "+/-" to change any particular message, but it seems odd I can't make the default font appear larger.



Intel iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.1)