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Well, I had this problem with my old, Mid-2011 27" iMac. I purchased and downloaded Pages 09' from the Mac App Store. Everything is fine, until I go into my templates when the application opens. If I select anything other than a blank, standard page, all of the filler content is in Spanish. For example, whenever I open up a resume template, the title, and some of the sub titles and sections are in English, BUT, the content in the different sections is in Spanish. I don't know what's going on here. I first incountered this problem when I had my Mid-2011 iMac, and now that I received my Late-2012 iMac, and went into my App Store, and then to my purchases, and downloaded all my apps that I downlaoded on the other computer. So what do you know, again, I'm having the same problem with the filler content in Pages 09' being in spanish..


I would upload a screen capture of the window, but for some reason I am having trouble uploading them to this forum. Also, I want to let everyone know that this computer hasn't been brought to any other countries, much less used in them. I mention that because an Apple rep suggested that, but I told him (when I had a Mid-2011, that it was a desktop and I've never brought it out of the country. I've gone through everything in the menus and settings and I can not find a single thing that looks like it would help me out. Is there something stupid that I am missing?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Late-2012 27", 3.4GHz i7