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I have a strange problem.


I have set up a rule to place all e-mails from a certain person into a particular folder.  In fact I have created loads of rules that all work fine but.....


Say this person's address is person@hotmail.com.


If I SEND an e-mail to that person the reply goes straight to the folder set up in rules - great. That's what I wanted it to do.


But if that person send me a NEW e-mail - that e-mail ends up in Junk - but it isn't marked as junk - not into the folder it's supposed to go in.


So, why do replies work OK but not NEW e-mails?  The e-mail address is the same.  I've even tried deleteing the rule and re-instating it.  This problem has followed me from Snow Leopard to Lion and now to Mountain Lion.  It only ever happens with this one e-mail address.  All other rules work great.


I've learned to live with the problem but would be eternally grateful if anyone has a solution!



MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Using external Cinema Display