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Apple discovered an issue with the file you submitted. The font is

inconsistent in places, and we want to make sure your calendar turns

out just the way you designed it.  We’ve canceled your order— you won’t

be charged, and we have some suggestions for correcting the issue.


Please update iPhoto, change the theme of your calendar, then change it

back to the original theme.


Once completed, confirm the issue has been resolved by previewing your

calendar in iPhoto. Then place the order again once you’re satisfied

with how the calendar appears in preview.


If the issue persists after changing the theme, please contact Apple

Support for assistance. Just visit

<http://www.apple.com/support/iphoto/> and click “Get started” in the

upper-right hand corner of the page.



the fix is not working, I am using iPhoto 11, latest version, and trying to build a picture camera. Essentially the dates have gone really small. I can share a PDF.