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My Macbook Pro 15" early 2011 (not even two years old darn it) decided to not play nice. It was going slow and then it just went blank to the gray screen after rebooting. I have done EVERY step that I have been told to do. I have been reading everything I could find on this since last Friday. I have 2 back ups now from CCCloner but no time machine. I was able to get into the recovery screen yesterday but could not get in it today. I tried to click option on start up and run recovery 10.8.2 but then it just goes to the dark blue screen with lines. I even put in my snow leopard disc to see if it would start up and no go. It just shows apple and then wheely thing.. and then either dark blue screen with lines or gray screen. Ive reset pram, fsuk,single user mode, etc etc... all the steps except going to a "genius" and now I have an appt in the am. I am comfortable with my back ups.. wish I had a time machine back up but that was corrupt.  Oh and I did the disc utility on friday and it said that my permisions were not correct.. etc etc. so i did a repair and everything is fine. I have since done that 3 times while in T mode during my back up and it says my hardrive is ok. I can not access disc utilty unless its in T mode and I access it from my hubby's computer.


Bottom line is this... nothing is working. I have done all the steps that I have known or read about. Even my techie is stumped. Is there anything else that I should do before going in to the darn "genius bar" ? I live in Key Largo and its not easy to just make a trip to the mainland to Miami. Of course I am willing but I am hoping I can atleast install mountain lion myself. Oh I also made a mountain lion recovery assistant with my usb... and tried to boot from that.. no luck.


Again its always the blue screen with vertical lines or gray screen.


Any ideas? Suggestions?


I'm a  loss and NEED to start working again. I've lost almost a weeks worth of work and I am a wedding photographer. My brides will be bridezilla's before long.



MacBook Pro (15-inch Early 2011), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)