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  • Bob Timmons Level 10 (98,299 points)
    By the way, the reservation is for address


    You always want to assign a Static IP address that is isolated from the normal DHCP assignments of through, for example.


    Try assigning or even to the printer to separate it from the normal range of assigned addresses.

  • Briolet Level 1 (5 points)

    On my system I also miss several of the DHCP clients. The wireless ones are always listed, but part of the wired ones are missing. e.g. currently I see 2 wireless devices, my other airport in bridge mode and my current computer. My other computer (That is being used now), my network laser printer and my solar panel interface is missing. I never was able to figure out why some are listed and some not. For all I made a DHCP reservation in the past.


    Presence has nothing to do with lease times as my printer is on 24/7. The lease time only makes that they are no longer listed after the lease ends and the client is not present. In my opinion at least all active computers should be listed there because they have active leases.

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