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Hi Klaus1 and wzzz thank for your reply. The problem with my mac is

that runs slow and every 15 seconds is interrupted for some others

seconds approximatively every 7 seconds alternatively,i mean while

listening to itune music or seeing the movies or news channels,so

after reading the comments of yours and other user apple support

communities i installed Sophos free home edition succesfully. well

practicaly all the problems i had remained the same as before

installing sophos,i tried to scan also all my files but it takes so

much time some good hours for fully scanning.I read here also about

clamXav that has also good reputation and so i installed it but not

yet trying to use ,at the same time i installed also Open DSN free

home edition ,practically all the good antivirus recommended by the

users here in support communities ,,i think after checking it out

which one works better on mac os X v 10.4 it would be better to remove

others antivirus already  installed  on my mac.So please give me your

kind advise about the issue

iMac, iOS 5.0.1