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summary: the nearpod app fails - When we delete on the ipad, and re-install using the ipad store app it works




buy a cart of 30 ipads

setup the cart and configurator on a macbook

on the macbook use itunes to download the app "nearpod"

( Nearpod is an app that shares a presentation to a classroom or group of ipads )


import the app into configurator, apply and push the app to all 30 ipads

on the mackbook logon to nearpod.com and publish a presentation

on the teacher ipad start the presentation

on 5 student ipads type in the teacher code

have all 5 students submit their first name on slide 2


result:  failure, only 2 of 5 students show on the teacher ipad


expected: all 5 students name show up on the teacher ipad


other notes



When we delete the app on the ipad, and re-install the app using the ipad app store it works as expected.   I've not seen this with other applications.  It seems the advanced networking in this app is related to the symptoms here. 


Things that don't change the results:   Rebooting the student or teacher ipad, quitting the app, moving to a faster network, moving to a dedicated network with no other traffic


This is realy depressing for a school.  I feel like I'm back working with windows 3.1 or MAC OS9.   Apple was supposed to deliver better app stability by keeping such heavy restrictions in place.

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1