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I have created a 10 minute video of a child moving back and forth against a black background.  The material is HDV, captured and edited as HDV in FCP 7 with Pro-Res renders, and exported as QT using "Current Settings."  In the exported QT, I see that the material is interlaced, although the "combing" effect of the interlacing isn't terribly noticeable. (although I'd rather have NO interlacing without affecting resolution.)


But Then, the final output of the video is intended for a wireless media player, playing the movie as a data file.  I was told the media player needed a .mov file encoded with H.264 compression.  When I do this, the interlacing/combing becomes REALLY apparent on the edges of anything moving in the video-- and is especially amplified becaise the child is against black-- so the limbs and edges of the kid look really jagged.


Currently I am exporting two 5-minute QT's that need to be put together with additional elements to make up the final 10 minute piece. I am putting both 5 min QT's into another HDV sequence before my final QT export.  Would I have any initial success in not having interlaced edges if I put those two QT's into a ProRes sequence instead?  And if so, would it be ProRes 422 HQ 1080i?  Or would changing the setting to "P" help get rid of the interlacing, and keep all the digital information?


OR, should I try to get rid of the interlacing in Compressor?  As I said, when I tried this initially, the "combing" got worse. 

The settings I used in Compressor were: 

Compression H.264, leaving size and data rate and key frames all "current/automatic" (compression set to "best")

Frame Controls set to "on"

Output fields "same as source"

De-interlace set to "best"

Adaptive details checked.


The video is playing on a 42 inch flat panel monitor and WD a Live Plus media player. 

I think the monitor is 1080p??  Perhaps I need to get rid of the interlacing because it is a flatscreen, progressive monitor?


Thanks for your help.  It is currently playing on the above equipment at the gallery and looks terrible so I need to fix asap.



Macbook Pro 17", Mac OS X (10.5.8), FCP 7, Motion 4