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I have a 21.5" iMac (Intel) that's going to the Apple Store for a Seagate 1TB Hard Drive Replacement later today. I've done a backup with Time Machine, and cloned the whole drive with Carbon Copy Cloner. I've also erased the current 1TB hard drive to avoid any temptation for the Genius that will do the repair.


I'd like to do a fresh OS X install on the new hard drive and then restore the data to the "new" user account. The "new" account would have the same name as the backed-up account, and the volume name will be the same too.


The question I have is about which backup to use for this. I noticed when I booted from the OS X Install DVD that I can restore the Time Machine backup before the installation routine. What's not clear is if that would be a fresh OS install, and then just files, apps and prefs are actually restored by Time Machine. Alternatives would be to do the fresh OS install first, and then select items from the CCC backup, or run Time Machine.


What's the best way to have a fresh OS install and restore from a backup?



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    Todd Hanna wrote:

    What's the best way to have a fresh OS install and restore from a backup?

    Restore the CCC clone and then reinstall SL. However, IMO, this business with a fresh/clean install is a time wasting carryover from people using windoze boxes. Not worth the effort. My current OS has migrated from OS 9, via Jaguar through Snow Leopard and through to Mtn Lion.