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Time Capsule/Time Machine were working fine until about 1-2 years ago when my family started having troubles with the internet provider (AT&T). While on a 2 hr long phone conversation with them trying to fix it, they changed the wireless key code or whatever so Time Capsule could no longer connect to the network (icing on the cake - they didn't even fix the issue). And it had been so long since I had initially set up Time Capsule that I didn't know how to set it up again.


Situation is a bit more complicated now because I'm living on campus in another state, and the campus wifi is very slow/goes in and out a lot. They don't recommend connecting routers to their network bc they say it will make it even worse.


It just makes me really nervous that I haven't backed up my laptop in a couple years. I have thousands of priceless photos and years of hard work that I would very much like to keep safe. I paid all this money to have an external drive and am dying to continue using it! It just doesn't make sense that I can only use it wirelessly - there must be another way. I'm desperate to back up my laptop and will come to Genius bar if necessary to resolve this issue!



Time Capsule, Mac OS X (10.5.8)