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I bought a macbook pro for an employee. He used a login when setting up the computer. I now want to install updates but need to log in with the account that was first used. He is no longer with us and I dont have the login.


I have the proof of purchase. But need the orginal login password or is there another way. 



What can I do?



Cheers and thank you

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    See this Apple note on resetting the administrators password.

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    BGreg, I think what activeedgept is referring to is not the admin password, but the iTunes account password.  I am in almost the exact situation where I have the proof of purchase, but the laptop was not originally setup using my iTunes account and I can't update included apps like iPhoto, or the Operating system through the appstore because it asks me to login using the original iTunes account that was used to setup the laptop when the computer was purchased.  As you probably know, OS X Mountain Lion allows you to install on multiple machines with one purchase, so I was able to circumvent not being able to update my OS through iTunes by redownloading and reinstalling Mountain Lion (though it was already on there).  My issue comes through iPhoto (which comes standard on the Macbook Pro).  In the appstore, it tells me that I have to repurchase it if I no longer have access to the original iTunes account, but when I search for iPhoto, and click on the app, it only has the update button, rather than a price to buy, so I can't update or buy it. I feel like since it's already loaded on the comp for free, I shouldn't have to buy it again, but I don't even have the option.  Please help.



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    cheers mate




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