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How do I set up iTunes with a computer? I have an iPad 3 with an external drive that contains around 50 ripped CD's.

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    You can't.

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    So, an ipad will not import songs that I already own?

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    OMG - I thought that you asked how to set up iTunes WITHOUT computer. I'm so sorry. Yes you can import music from CD's. Virtually all of my music is imported from CD.


    Are you asking how to import the songs into iTunes?


    I assume that you did download iTunes.


    Importing music into iTunes.


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    I do NOT have a computer.


    I DO have ripped music files on an external drive.



    Thanks for your help.




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    Reread your question and hen what you posted in the descriptive reponse area.


    You posted n your question/headline area

    "ITunes without a computer" - without


    I told you that you can't set up iTunes without a computer.


    The when you responsed I reread your descriptive text that asked

    "How do I set up iTunes with a computer" - with


    You are the one that should it get straight.


    Good luck.

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    Demo, obviously a typo.


    Are you able to answer?


    iPad 3, external drive with ripped CD's and NO computer.

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    Yes. I can answer. iTunes needs to have an OS in order to function. You would need a computer to set up iTunes, so no you cannot setup iTunes without a computer, as I stated in my first response.


    If your drive is a WiFi drive, there might be a way to access the music from the iPad with a third party application, but if there is a way to do that, I am unfamiliar with it.

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    OK, thanks. I looked at some cheap laptops ($699) on Sunday and almost bumped myself to a MacBook Air. The problem is I just don't see myself using the laptop apart from managing iTunes. I am thinking of getting a wifi external drive.

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    Do some more research on those WiFi drives. I am not that familiar with them or the process. Somehow the iPad has to see the drive and the drive has to see the iPad. I'm not sure how that is accomplished without using a computer. So do plenty of research .... Which I'm sure you will.

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    Now we're in 2014... is it still impossible to manage your iTunes without a laptop?

    My issue is my lap top has died and I now just hav emy iPhone 5 and iPad Air. I'm not 100% if my music is stored anywhere else. It looks like it is in the Cloud but I don't really understand how that works.

    My question, too, is can I manage my music with just iPhone 5 & iPad (and NO computer)?


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    First of all you need to become familiar with iCloud, so please follow this:



    As to your main question. Yes you can manage your music without a computer, however, if you want to add any more music to your iDevice you will have to purchase it via iTunes on your iPhone or iPad.  A computer would allow you to add your own (CD etc) music via iTunes sync.


    Please also make sure that you are using iCloud for your backups.  You may need to buy additional iCloud storage.

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    Thanks for the speedy response. Ok so iCloud was all set up on both devices and back ups run daily. I'm assuming my tunes are safe in the cloud? Can I view my music in the icloud (& see the library like you would on a computer) or basically is my only option to just view and work on them (make play lists) on the "Music" interface you get on iPhone & iPad? Txs.