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One of the problems with the current version of thunderbolt display is that it isn't aligned with the iMac. One great solution is if the height is adjustable, ii it`d be ergonomic (every table and chair is different) and align perfectly both on the bottom or top (assuming different screen sizes).


There is also no decent solution I could find to rotate screens 90 degrees so it facilitates writing and coding. The best solution in my opinion is to unlock rotation when the user rotates to the back, then when the user rotates to the front to be able to use the screen it would lock again and the OS would rotate the image automatically. The upside is that when the user rotates to the back to unlock rotating to the sides it would stop the screen from hitting the table and would be an elegant solution as it keeps the back of the screen with no unnecessary buttons.


If anyone knows a great screen with rotation, let me know that I want to buy it.

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