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When I first got a mac back in 2010, I started using Safari and never once had the urge to use Firefox or Chrome.


But lately with the last major release (I think the same release that dropped support for MS Windows) It seems Safari is going in the wrong direction.


First, there is the "go back" behavior - I visit a page, click a link, and when I swipe back, it briefly shows the prior page, then reloads it.

Then there are some developer related things- I personally don't like the new web inspector - but that could just be me.

Lastly, today I was playing with some javascript development and thought my code was broken, but it wasn't it was just Safari not working -

I had some javascript on a page - first it displayed an alert, then it was supposed to change text on the page.

As it turns out, on my 27" screen, the alert appeared away from the safari window, and then safari would not update until I moused back over the open window.

Mind you no focus changed, Safari was still the foreground app, etc....


It's really, really saddening to see Apple fall from grace like this - I wish it were just Safari, but if you look at reviews of all the apple apps on the app store - you'll see lots of so-so reviews and many complaints of unusable software bugs that have been broken for months.


I really want to hang on here.


Is anyone else experiencing this?


Have people largely migrated off Safari?


I'm about ready to remove it from my Dock, but I really don't want to.

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    that's what i'm saying for many many month, you're absolut right.

    for me, as a hardcore browser user, there's NO browser that is stabil and work with hundreds of tabs with up to 8 windows.

    safari is now the ugliest one of all, thx for the "safari webinhalt (webcontent)"

    it's 100% unuseable anymore.

    check the web for thousands of users, whose safari needs more than gigabytes of ram, ending up in "reload the page"


    and yes, you're right, it's not only safari, it's the hole apple thing

    many many years ago, the user was the most important thing but now, with pockets full of money, only the shareholder thing is in focus, NOTHING MORE.

    only the ios gimmicks are working to 90% out of the box...


    my last hope is an alternative and/or that apple goes there, where they come from!


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    Not disagreeing for the sake of it but all browsers are only as good as you design them to be (extentions and so on).   And the first target is to get your OS updated to it's highest level, then match the browser to that.   


    For example, your profile suggests you have Snow Leopard 10.6.5, when it could be updated to 10.6.8 and linked to that, the Safari version would be 5.1.7 (6534.57.2).


    And then the extention possibilities can tend to lead one astray ... it's all too easy to download extention after extention but some of them conflict with other third party apps that may have been installed.   And with a little patience, that can be rectified.


    I don't think it is all Apple's fault, maybe some, but never justifying the rant from Graf Zahl.

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    my profile is not updated cause i makes no sense anymore for me.

    i'm WORKING with apple for over 20 years

    i've spend only for my household high five-digt - low six-digit amount in EURO

    apple is now the most expensive employer for disbursed beta-testers

    i gave support and schooling for years, everything out of warranty i do by myself, currently build in the owc mini hd doubler kit (for the second time), replace the dock connector on iphone 3gs & 4, replace display on macbook and pro book etc pp.

    so i'm the opposite of a noop and knowing EVERY hardware from apple since IIe

    at present we've got a 2010 macbook, 2011 mac pro, 2012 retina pro book, 2012 air, 2011&2012 mini, ipad 2&4, iphone 3gs/4s/5, 2xatv2, airport and some more


    so when i'm not absolutley sure what's going on with apple, i wouldn't shout it out!

    i've switched my HOLE sphere to apple, there is NOBODY using a pc anymore and we're here not in the us, the basic market of apple, we're in the eu where apple is northing more than very over priced trendy schicki micki

    i've done this cause of my work as a supporter/teacher but most cause it WAS rock solid ****

    there were no problem to set software update to fully automatic and no prob of buying first gen hardware


    that all represents my shouting: APPLE IS ONYL SHAREHOLDER DRIVEN!!!


    when the vision and ideas of steve are consumed and seated, apple will 100% going where they came from and this GREAT!


    some minutes ago safari crashed 4 times after closing the discussion windows......

    and yes, it doesn't matter if the 4 extension are on or off nor DEINSTALLED

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    Mac OS X

    Graf --


    Ok, you're upset.  It's entirely understandable.  However, you have threadjacked Basement Jack's request for help.  If you start your own new topic in Safari, we could see how we can help you.  Please include your crash report, OK?  That way you'll get the attention you deserve.


    Basementt Jack --

    What's your response to 71's questions?