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Question: Merging Podcasts on all devices

I have more of a convience issue, or rather an intelligence issue on the part of the software or my current settings. You be the judge.

I have a Macbook Air, iPhone, and Apple TV.

I like to listen to podcasts.

When I listen, watch, add, or remove a podcast I'd like it to be synced on all devices. Apple TV has all my Macbook podcasts in the little "Computers" application. This works I guess, but why doesn't it intergrate into my "Podcasts" app?

This should all be synced via my Apple Id account.

Any clean solutions to acomplish this? I'd like my watch counts and everything to be synced.

Please help, thanks.

AppleTV 2, iOS 6.1

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Question: Merging Podcasts on all devices