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I am OUTRAGED that you can not.... in one command.....honestly, completely, truly duplicate a track..... which means, the track and its contents.


How is it that freeware like Audacity lets you honestly, truly, completely....duplicate a track.....but not Garageband.....all the Windows DAW software seems to understand what the word duplicate means, but the "geniuses" at Apple don't get it?


The definition of duplicate means - EVERYTHING that is, or is part of the first thing, is replicated to the second or duplicate thing.... not just the "shell" of it, or part of it, but EVERYTHING.


Certainly... Apple's not THAT LAME, that you can not with one command totally, completely, honestly duplicate a track in Garageband.


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    OK, first of all take a deep breath, calm down and think it over.


    Why on earth do you want honestly, completely, truly duplicate a track AND its content. I'm not sure what your background is but from a technical (sound engineering) point of view, the result would be the same as if you would raise the level of the original track by 6dB (if the signal would be correlated), otherwise it would be 3dB.

    I can't remember ever needing that feature which doesn't mean that different workflows, different types of music and production style would require that. Usually I want one or the other:


    1. Copying the Track so I have the same Instrument or Track settings and record a variation of the original region
    2. Use the same content (Region) but put it on a different Track/Instrument to double it
    3. Using the same Instrument AND the same content … like I said, just raise the level



    All I'm saying is before starting the name calling, don't assume that the rest of the world (or outside the Windows world) everybody thinks exactly like you do. I don't think that you can do that in Logic either, at least I never looked for it (because I honestly, completely, truly

    NEVER needed it.


    Hope that helps (to calm you down)


    Edgar Rothermich


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    You duplicate a track because ---

    a) all of the major Windows DAW software supports it (Cubase, ProTools, Nuendo...)

    b) freeware like Audacity supports it

       which makes me think, there's a lot of sound engineers doing it or wanting this functionality since it is, in fact, out there

    c) you

    • add effects to the duplicated track and pan it differently than the clean track
    • move it along the time line slightly to create a type of chorus or thickening effect

    d) simply because the definition of duplicate - a duplicate is something identical to the original - not just the same shell of the track



    there's plenty of reasons, and it shouldn't take any more than ONE CLICK or one command - life is too short to spend time "copying" stuff, when that is the very nature of the word duplicate

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    Yes, you have some very good points.

    So maybe it's me that I never came across that need with my type of workflow.

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    Glad I read this post. I didn't try the duplicate track because I assumed it brought it all and I didn't see the point.  Good to know it just copies the track shell. For me that's a good thing. I won't have to keep making all my mic settings for each track.........duh and I was wondering how to just bring the settings and NOT the content. Now just tweak what's needed when changing from guitar, mandolin, fiddle, bass......now if I could just change the track icons to match the instrument in the track.

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    I certainly agree that there is value in duplicating the track "settings" without the music. (Although in my own experience you set the "settings" with the music there..... unless your just an amazing expert, and you have some powerful idea of the settings before you record anything) ---


    However the definition of "duplicate", and the need for a one click command to truly duplicate a track..... just totally frustrates me when other DAW software has it.


    The more I use apple hardware/software - the more I realize, it is to some extent "more work", and I want more creativity and less work.

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    I agree with VmusicV on this. I regularly edit presentation soundtracks for verbal slips, mic pops, etc. The speakers like to compare the original with the edited to make sure I haven't been too "creative" in my edits; perfectly understandable. So when I "duplicate" the track, I want the thing holus-bolus, not just the shell, after which I apply various adjustments. If I goof, it's nice to have the clean track to go back to.


    My vote: I say "duplicate" means just that. Duplicate the thing or use a different term. Call it "shell duplicate" or something. Come on Apple, think different if you must but do think.