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Does anybody have actual read/write speeds among the internal drives of the mac mini?

If one needs to read or write large files to these drives how much of a speed difference are we talking about?


When you go configure your mac mini for purchase it claims that the SSD is 4 times faster than the 5400 rpm drive but no actual numbers are given.

I am sure boot up time will be faster but what about read and write times?

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    I received a new Mac mini at work 3 weeks ago which has the Intel i7 processor and the 256GB SSD in it. I absolutely love it! I am using it with my old 30" Apple Cinema Display via an adaptor that was purchased with the Mac mini and it works great.


    Since I have only used this Mac mini in one configuration, I cannot compare it with Mac minis that have a standard HD in it or one that has a Fusion drive. That being said, this Mac mini absolutely flies for disk access activities. I have a 2-year old MacBook Pro at home with Aperture in it 4GB RAM, and an i7 processor with the standard 500GB HD. I use my Mac mini purely for work, but as a test, I recently loaded 30 raw image files (averaging around 35MB each, IIRC) on it and those files loaded in little more than an eye blink whereas I had to wait about 10 minutes or so for them to load on my MBP at home. I installed Aperture on my Mac mini and the photos loaded in it near instantenously whereas at home, it waks a minute or two for each photo to load (same images).


    I am an amateur photographer so I do a lot of photo work at home on my MBP. This Sunday morning, I am joining several other photographers to do a photo shoot at the Philadelphia Zoo, which is only a few miles from my office, so I am going to try editing those photos on my Mac mini. I expect to have at least 250 raw image files and editing that many photos at home on my MBP easily takes me an hour, but I expect to be able to edit them in significantly less time in my office on my Mac mini.

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    Thanks for reply, and I assumed that it would be quick. 

    What I am really seeking is how fast are the actual read/write times when compared to external thunderbolt drives. 


    Most external drives have published read/write times, and lot of those numbers are tested with third party software.  I have yet to actually see numbers on the internal SSD on the mac minis and I am curious.  If I used it as a server and needed to upload a large file would it be faster if the file was stored in the internal SSD or an external thunderbolt LaCie drive?

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    Even when you consider the speed of the Thunderbolt bus, SSD will always be faster than a spinning disk.  You will not find many detailed stats on the parts used in any Mac...even though they're all off the shelf parts.  Using your example of uploading a large file, the Fusion might give you the best of both worlds...fastest write times, and then tiering the storage off to cheaper spinning disk.

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    That makes sense, but is the SSD in the mac mini faster than an external portable SSD using thunderbolt connection? 

    How is it against the built memory stick reader using SDXC?

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    Are any portable Thunderbolt SSD drives available for sale anywhere now? If so, where? I have been keeping an eye out for them and even regular spinning portable HD Thunderbolt drives are a challenge to find, least of all at a reasonable price.

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    LaCie has had SSD Thunderbolt out for a bit now, and they are not the first if I recall.

    Avialiable in 120 and 256 GB.  There speed is 385MB/s but the internal mac mini speed

    appears to be uknown and not advertised.



    Elgato has them as well (270 MB/s vs Mac mini ???)



    Promise-Pegasus (750 MB/s vs MacMini ???)

    http://store.apple.com/us/product/H9732ZM/A/promise-pegasus-j2-256gb-2-by-128gb- ssd-thunderbolt-storage-solution


    When is the last time you looked?